Product/UX Designer based in Los Angeles
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Product/UX Designer based in Los Angeles
Available for freelance work


Deutsch LA established its first-ever employee resource group, Family Style, that focuses on Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) matters. As a co-lead, I began working in 2021 and launched numerous initiatives aimed at creating awareness about anti-Asian violence and uplifting our nearby AAPI community, including the sponsorship of the Asian Youth Center.
We launched an NFT collection on Rarible titled, “Against Asian Hate” to fight back against the rise of anti-asian violence. If people were willing to spend money on digital things, our hope is they will also be willing to help drive societal change and donations to stop anti-Asian hate and violence.
We were able to launch 7 NFTs from 7 AAPI artists across the country. In the wake of the 2021 Atlanta spa shootings, the anger and sadness felt in the AAPI community was palpable. I was personally deeply affected by that incident, so I found much solace in channeling those emotions into this project. And what better way to portray the voices of our community than through art?

View the collection on Rarible

The press we garnered for the project gave me the opportunity to shine a light on anti-asian violence, and to put our voices out there even if it was in a non-fungible GIF form.

ADAGE Creativity Top 5: April 16th, 2021