Product/UX Designer based in Los Angeles
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Product/UX Designer based in Los Angeles
Available for freelance work

Breakfast Time Stories

Real California Milk

UX Designer


The Real California Milk creative team at Deutsch LA came forward with the idea to write a series of tales to be shared over breakfast.

My task was to create a landing page that would provide digital versions of the three stories, so that families could read them together on a tablet or smartphone at breakfast.

Scrollytelling Concept

In order to bring these stories to life a bit further, I pitched a few different concepts that provided Real California Milk the option to choose from two lower level of effort (LOE) concepts to one higher level of effort concept. They signed on to my recommendation of build the “scrollytelling” format for all three books, which was the higher LOE concept.

Scrollytelling is a term that simply describes the triggering of events on a page by scrolling in order to provide a more compelling an interactive experience, specifically for long-form content/copy. It typically integrates a parallax effect to further enhance the illusion of depth, and with the rich illustrations our artists provided, parallax brought the traditional 2D look of our breakfast books to life in a beautiful way.

To illustrate how scrollytelling works, I used Principle to prototype the idea using placeholder copy and illustrations.

“Scrollytelling” Principle Prototype (desktop version)

Finished Product

These webpages were built to be fully mobile responsive. Here were the three books, brought to life by our amazing creative and development team. I absolutely loved the nostalgic illustration style!

Shelly Shellbert, Loner Turtle

Burt the Busiest Bear

The Chipmunk Who Was Raised by Wolves